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Wellness suggests that everything is good.  When we speak of wellness with respect to your health, we wellness implies a state of goodness in your body, mind, and soul.  MedHealth 360 is a Wellness Center that provides natural remedies  for ailments affecting your body, mind, and soul.  Your bodies homeostatic mechanisms  become more and more disorganized as you get older.  This is true beginning with your DNA and includes your hormonal homeostatic and equilibrium, your biochemical make-up, as well as the neurotransmitters that affect your mood and concentration.  Many of the mechanisms are understood.  And many of the problems can be recognized and treated if you only look to the right places.  

MedHealth 360’s prescription for health begins with an examination of what mechanisms are breaking down.  And with the many tools and partners that we have available, we will create a plan that can help you recover in mind, body, and spirit.  

Chronic Pain Conditions

  • Chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Chronic stiffness
  • Low back pain
  • Cervical pain
  • Myofascial pain
  • Migraine headaches

Programs Individualized To Your Needs

Most weight loss programs target nutritional education and try to sell you foods.  We know that there is more to weight loss than eating less. Our programs are not only individualized to your needs.  Specifically, we create a program that targets your lifestyle, nutritional education, hormone balance, metabolism, and mobility.  We are in the business of wellness.  We are not in the business of selling your foods.

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Chronic Pain Relief

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Treatments We Offer

These services treat and often cure prevailing health challenges - try for yourself!

Hot flashes in men

Diminished sexual desire can occur for many reasons.  The cause can often be due to a decrease in the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, inadequate vitamin levels, as well as psychological.  

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Most women are bothered by a decrease in vaginal lubrication as they approach menopause.  The decrease is a principle cause of painful vaginal intercourse and resulting problems with sexual satisfaction.  80-90% of women are cured of the condition after only 1-2 treatments with Sciton’s Diva Laser System.


Many women are bother by an increase in their vaginal laxity with age particularly after vaginal deliveries.  The increased laxity can result in a decrease in sexual satisfaction for themselves as well as their partners.  80-90% of women will describe an increase in their sexual satisfaction after only 1-2 treatments with Sciton’s Diva Laser System

miraDry Underarm Sweat Free

Hyperhydrosis, or unwanted and excessive underarm sweating, is a problem in both men and women.  It can lead to embarrassing sweat patches, and frequent clothing changes.  The Miradry System for the treatment of unwanted sweating is effective in eliminating the condition in 80% of patients after only a single treatment


Female menopause is largely due to a decreasing production and level of estrogen in women.  Estrogen is the principle female sex hormone.  A decrease in estrogen can result in a myriad of symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, loss of sexual desire, weight gain, and more.  

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue has many potential causes.  Some of the causes include a decreased level of DHEA and Cortisol due to adrenal fatigue,  inadequate levels of essential vitamins and minerals, or a decreased metabolism due to low estrogen and testosterone levels.

Mood Changes

Depression and mood disorders are common in all ages.  There are obviously many potential causes.  One large group of causes center around the abnormal equilibrium of neurochemicals in the brain including dopamine, glutamate, norepinephrine and hormone changes.  The treatment for depression and other mood disorders can include ensuring proper levels of vitamin precursors, exercise, and ketamine infusions to supplement talk therapy.

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Diminished sexual desire can occur for many reasons.  The cause can often be due to a decrease in the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, inadequate vitamin levels, as well as psychological.  

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Myofascial pain is often a chronic condition due to scarring and contraction of the muscle and surrounding fascial envelope.  Think of it as a local or more generalized muscle spasm that can often be felt even in distant parts of the body.  MedHealth 360 program for myofascial pain includes isolating the source of pain, stretching the contracted muscles, and breaking up the scar tissue.  Our tools include physical stretching, massage, trigger point injections and dry needling, electrical stimulation therapy shock wave therapy, as well as a huge dose of yoga and circuit training.  


Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common and painful forms of isolated myofascial pain.  The pain can often be debilitating.  One of the hallmarks of the condition is the feeling of sharp excruciating pain with your first steps after getting out of bed.  The condition is due to shortening and inflammation of the muscle and fascia along the soles of the feet and achilles tendon.  The MedHealth 360 prescription for plantar fasciitis includes localized massage, orthotics, and shock wave therapy to break up muscle and fascial scars.  Difficult cases might benefit from PRP injections.


 Dry needling is a procedure in some ways similar to acupuncture, whereby a small needle is inserted directly into a myofascial trigger point.  The needle causes the contracted muscle to relax as well as to bring in new blood and growth factors to the affected area.  The MedHealth 360 plan believes that sustained benefit requires sustained emphasis on stretching the muscle, decreasing local inflammation, and promoting the health of surrounding tissue.  Our tools include physical stretching, massage, trigger point injections and dry needling, electrical stimulation therapy shock wave therapy, as well as a huge dose of yoga and circuit training.  

Deep Percussion Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage shouldn’t require much introduction or explanation.  It is no secret that the tension you feel in you muscles immediately improves after a great massage.  Other benefits however, include improving peace of mind, increased muscular blood flow, and decreasing muscular inflammation.  Massage, yoga, and fitness training are important ancillary programs at MedHealth 360.

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Electrical Stimulation Therapy using a TENS device that uses transcutaneous electrical energy to locally break up muscular pain.  The electrical energy interferes with the transmission of pain signals to and from the brain while at the same time causing the release of the body’s own opiate-like substances to achieve pain relief.

Massage Gun

Shock Wave Therapy uses therapeutic ultrasound to break up muscle and fascial scarring that are the common causes of myofascial pain and plantar fasciitis.   It uses the similar technology to that used to break up kidney stones.  The treatment has been shown to improve improve healing rates, increased localized blood flow, as well as to break up scar tissue.

Immunity Boost

Yoga and massage, in many ways go hand in hand. The obvious benefits include improving peace of mind, increased muscular blood flow, increasing mobility, while decreasing muscular inflammation.  Massage, yoga, and fitness training are important ancillary programs at MedHealth 360.

PRP Therapy

PRP is a revolutionary process increasingly used in every field of medicine including orthopedics, oral surgery, and dermatology to promote healing and decrease inflammation.  The procedure uses growth factors taken from the platelets in your blood to rejuvenate stem cells in areas of injured tissue.  MedHealth 360 uses PRP treatments to assist in re-growing hair, decrease the inflammation and increase the blood flow to injured muscle and fascia, and improve the speed of healing in some orthopedic injuries such as a sprained ankle.


Coolsculpting is the revolutionary nonsurgical alternative to liposuction for the removal of unwanted fat.  Popular treatment areas include the abdomen, saddlebags, chin and neck, and arms.  There is no downtime and negligible discomfort.

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Botox allows you to immediately look younger by reducing wrinkles of the forehead, crows feet, and glabella.  The treatment can be performed during your lunch break with no downtime and negligible discomfort.  

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Facial fillers include popular products like juvederm, sculptra, radiesse, and restylane.  Some areas of the face begin to lose volume as early as 30 years old including the lower eyelid cheek junction, the temples, and around the lips and mouth.  Facial fillers are injection products that work immediately to make you look younger with no downtime and negligible discomfort.


Skin care lasers including Sciton’s profractionated laser,  micropeel, and broad band light photofacial have the ability to reverse aging of your skin.  Normal aging,  UV exposure and other environmental toxins cause the breakdown of collagen and cellular DNA, resulting in textural changes, skin cancers, fine lines, and pigmentation changes.

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