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The cortisol to DHEA ratio is believed to be very important to your overall health, numerous functions in the body are deficient without it. They need to be in balance within your body in order for it to function well.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is released when the body is under stress. It controls your flight or fight response. Unfortunately when your body is going through constant stress it can become harmful, affecting the adrenal glands and causing premature aging.

DHEA is also a steroid hormone. It looks after brain function, our immune system and helps us live longer. It is a powerful anti-ager. It is also important in helping our bodies create testosterone and estrogen. When the DHEA levels drop we become susceptible to brain diseases such as Alzheimers, and depression, and also osteoporosis and heart disease. Healthly DHEA levels are also important for controlling menopausal symptoms.

Think of them as twin hormones. When they are playing nicely and working well together, your body functions better. But if one decides it wants to drop away or be the boss then your body becomes unbalanced and you may experience effects like: memory problems, weaker bones, menopausal symptoms, imbalances in protein and fat metabolism, mood swings, and higher cholesterol levels.

Here are some of the major effects of the Cortisol to DHEA ratio:

  • The balance of pro/anti-inflammatory stasis
  • Immune Regulation. Remeber that cortisol suppresses immune function
  • Protein, Fat and Glucose metabolism. Evidence suggests that hyperglycemia, which can result in diabetes, in many cases can be caused specifically from imbalanced cortisol and DHEA levels
  • Thyroid, Pancreas and ovarian function
  • Detoxification capacity. Since the body needs energy to properly deal with toxic metals, the hormones produced by the adrenal glands are considered to be the cornerstone to heavy metal and xenobiotic elimination.
  • Skeletal health. High levels of cortisol can cause breakdown of bone as well as the collagen matrix that holds bone together.
  • Memory. DHEA is a critical component for brain function and cognition.
  • Cortisol and DHEA have intrinsic relationships with numerous other steroidal hormones such as progesterone and aldosterone. If adrenal function is compromised, the body may bypass the pregnenelone > progesterone > cortisol pathway and “steal” pregnenelone. This can cause numerous complications including the transference of progesterone into androgenic testosterone.

How Does Cortisol Work?

The danger of a fast-paced culture, is that many of us are constantly in high-stress mode. If your body experiences chronic stress, you may begin to feel unpleasant and even dangerous effects. After the adrenal glands release cortisol into your bloodstream, the body will respond by supplying immediate energy to your muscles by both releasing glucose into the bloodstream while also inhibiting its reabsorption and storage by increasing the release of insulin. Cortisol will also increase the efficiency of the heart by constricting the blood vessels and increasing the heart rate. Once the apparent danger is over, the hypothalamic feedback loop that senses high cortisol levels will decrease its production.

  • Increased blood sugar ( diabetes )- due to increase glucose release and decreased glucose storage
  • Weight gain- due to increased hunger and increased fat storage
  • Immune system suppression – due to altered immune system feedback
  • High blood pressure – due to blood vessel constriction
  • Heart damage – due to blood vessel injury and fat deposition

Programs Individualized To Your Needs

Our approach to treating too much or too little cortisol  and the imbalance of the Cortisol – DHEA level is the same. Supporting the adrenal glands is essential, and we have numerous strategies for doing just that. Our doctors can check your cortisol and DHEA levels, and prescribe a treatment plan uniquely suited to your needs. We take your health seriously here at MedHealth 360 and when it comes to aging well and staying strong and healthy we ensure that we cover all the bases.

The Jeckyll and Hyde Hormone

While your body needs some cortisol to function well, too much is toxic. It can destroy healthy cells, cause premature aging, and result in chronic illness. What causes excess cortisol production? Stress.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Cortisol is often referred to as the “fight or flight” hormone because it triggers the release of adrenalin. This important hormone evolved in the body hundreds of thousands of years ago as a mechanism to help humankind deal with threats of one sort or another.

The difficulty with modern day life is that rather than being faced with the occasional big hairy animal that wants to eat us, we’re bombarded with numerous threats on a persistent and daily basis. Whether it’s at work or at home, too many of us feel threatened, overwhelmed, anxious, or like we don’t have control over what’s going on in our lives. The result is excess cortisol production. If this goes on for too long, it can eventually lead to adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Fatique

During adrenal fatigue, your adrenal glands function, but not well enough to maintain optimal levels of cortisol. Most adrenal fatigue is the consequence of ongoing daily stress. However, there are other factors that can cause you to become even more susceptible to adrenal fatigue. These include poor diet, inadequate sleep and rest, chronic illness, and hormone imbalance.

Treatment for High Cortisol and Adrenal Fatigue

Our approach to treating too much or too little cortisol is the same. Supporting the adrenal glands is essential, and we have numerous strategies for doing just that. Our doctors can check your cortisol levels, and prescribe a treatment plan uniquely suited to your needs. When it comes to better aging, we leave no stone unturned.

How Does The Program Work?

Complimentary Consultation

We start by asking you lots of questions about yourself and your symptoms. We can then tell you about  the benefits of bioidentical hormones and how they can help you.

Personalized Programs

We will take some blood and send it off for testing. A personalized program will be created for you based on your lab results and medical history.

Pellet Insertion and Supplements

Bioidentical hormones are inserted under the skin. The pellets take around 5 minutes to insert. The area will be numbed and there is no downtime. Once inserted you can go about your day!

Continuing Care and
Our Guarantee

We are confident in our system and guarantee that if you follow our program, you will feel healthier.

Testing for Cortisol & DHEA

The best way to test cortisol and DHEA is through the saliva. Blood levels of steroidal hormones are less accurate because very often these hormones are bound to proteins in the blood, preventing them from attaching to cell receptors. The saliva is prefered over blood and urine because saliva hormone values are more “bio-available” than the other biopsies.

It is possible to restore the function of depleted adrenal function. Typcially an excellent starting point is to eat according to your type of metabolism. Often times people with adrenal fatigue also have erratic blood sugar. Eating according to your type of metabolism is one of the best ways to maintain adequate blood sugar levels.

In some chronic cases, very high levels of cortisol and adrenaline will continuously cause hyperglycemia. This is due to the fact that adrenaline and cortisol both raise blood glucose levels. Always dig for the underlying causes of your health issues. The adrenal function control can be both a cause of dis-ease and a result of it.

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Your Complimentary Consultation
Getting to know you

Getting to know you is important to us. Your experience will begin with your consultation. We want to hear about your previous health experiences, your diet, nutrition, and exercise history as well as your thoughts on living a healthier and longer. Getting to know you is the most helpful way to create a treatment plan for you.

Lab Work + Review of Results
Know the problem to identify the solution

Your body will often lose its ability to adequately control normal biologic levels of hormones and electrolytes as we age. Lab work is needed to check for these vital biological components to help us understand how you are aging. Labs can often be performed from or near your home.

Labs and Studies for Low Energy
  • Testosterone
  • Estrogen
  • Thyroid hormone
  • Vitamins and Electrolytes including B Complex, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C
  • Metabolic testing
  • Sleep study referrals
Visit with your MedHealth Doctor
MedHealth 360 expertise

Dr. Chang or one of the MedHealth 360 practitioners will sit down and explain your results.  We welcome your questions and input. Our patients who are fully engaged and understand the reasons behind their treatment program usually get the best results. We want to work WITH you to get those results!

Build Your MedHealth 360 Program Together
Nutritional Counseling | Individualized Fitness | Hormone Replacement

We believe in integrative medicine which involves coordinating health and nutrition, fitness, managing biological hormones and electrolytes and calming the soul. These are the elements that will be emphasized in the creation of your wellness prescription.

Weekly Support and Buddy System
No man or woman should be an island

Our counselors and staff will help you stay on course with weekly or monthly support sessions where you will get feedback on your weight, metabolic tests, and evaluations on how you are progressing in the programs. 

Maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t come naturally to most patients. Healthy living is a combination of many lifestyle habits that many people never learned. Weekly check-ins are an integral part of establishing accountability and obtaining feedback for your new lifestyle habits.

You begin seeing results
Voila !

Our goals are simple.  If you succeed, then we succeed.  Our goal is for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is reproducible and easy.  We know that if the program is too complicated, you won’t stay on it.


Learn More About Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormone Replacement Therapy

Lose weight | Increase Energy | Mental Acuity

Although they are not naturally produced by the body, you body recognizes them as the same, and biochemically reacts to them with the same effect. The many symptoms of menopause can be alleviated with BHRT. You can say goodbye to hot flashes, mood swings, mental fog and more. Using our MedHealth360 program you can also control your weight, increase your energy levels and feel good both inside and out.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) has actually been used in the United States since 1938. Bio-identical Hormones are all natural plant based products made from yams and a small amount of soy. These hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones produced within our own bodies. There are numerous studies worldwide that document the benefits and safety of BHRT. These studies also report a lower incidence of side effects when compared with prescription drugs. BHRT should not be confused with “synthetic hormones which are typically found in many creams, gels and injectables used for hormone replacement.

BHRT is a short, simple in-office procedure using local anesthesia. Your doctor will insert the pellets into the fatty layer just beneath your skin. In men and women, a small incision is made in the buttocks or in the lower abdomen. The process is painless and takes just a few minutes.

One of greatest advantages of pellet therapy is the low incidence of side effects. Although extremely rare, side effects may include: slight bruising, minor bleeding, infection or extrusion of the pellets.

Your doctor will interpret your blood tests and determine an appropriate dosage specifically designed for your body. Women who receive estrogen can feel significantly better in 24-36 hours. Men and women who receive testosterone will start to feel relief of symptoms in 10-14 days. After your pellet insertion, you should avoid vigorous exercise for a few days as directed by your physician. Your doctor will evaluate your hormone levels on an ongoing basis and monitor any future changes needed.

You can obtain BHRT Pellets by scheduling an appointment with a trained, certified physician who specializes in hormonal therapy. In order to obtain the correct dosage and proper placement of the pellets, the doctor should be knowledgeable and specifically trained in pellet therapy!

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