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What are Facial Fillers?

COSMETIC FILLERS have revolutionized cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic fillers such as Juvederm Ultra, Voluma, Sculptra, and Radiesse are injected into your face by experienced practitioners to add volume and youthfulness. As we age our faces lose volume, we no longer have the rounded, smooth faces of our youth. Loss of facial volume, particularly seen in the temples, cheeks, and around the mouth and lips add to the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles. Cosmetic facial fillers enable your cosmetic surgeon to reverse the aging process to some degree simply by replacing some of the volume that is lost with age.

Cosmetic facial fillers can reverse many of the signs of facial aging. Dr. Chang and his team at Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in Leesburg, Virginia can help you look younger for longer.

How It Works

Our aesthetic nurses will help choose the right filler for YOU

Cosmetic facial fillers all have different properties. We will choose the correct option together based on the type of area being injected, how long the filler lasts, and the price.

Our different fillers are explained below:

Voluma lasts between 18 months to 2 years. It is commonly used to add volume to areas such as lips, under-eye hollows and cheeks. Most patients will benefit from at least 2-3 syringes of filler. 

Juvederm lasts for around one year. It is considered one of the safest injectable fillers because it is a soft, biocompatible gel which the body absorbs over the year. It can be used to add volume to cheeks, lips, under-eye hollows and nasolabial folds (around the mouth and chin area).

Sculptra lasts about 2-3 years and is used for larger areas such as temple, chin, and cheeks. This is great for patients who have lost a lot of weight and have a gaunt appearance. Most patients chose to take a day off work for this and there will be some swelling for up to 5 days after. This is one of the most cost effective fillers.

What to Expect

After your initial consultation to discuss your needs and decide on which filler and the quantity, you will be ready for your injections. A numbing cream may be applied prior to the injections. After the injections have been administered, ice or a cooling cloth will be applied. Then you are good to go about the rest of your day!

FAQs About Facial Fillers®

Facial fillers have a range depending on the formulation and brand. They range from one year up to five years.

Yes, many of our patients have a combination of different fillers and Botox to help reduce wrinkles, sagging and hollowness. This is called a Liquid Facelift.

Start with google reviews or word of mouth, and then check out their credentials too. It is important that a plastic surgeon be board certified and have experience in performing the procedure you wish to have.

Lips are an art form. If you are looking for volume in the lips then Juvederm Ultra Plus XC works best. It holds a nice shape, and gives volume to increase your pout.

Filler under the eye should always be done by a very experienced injector. Certain products can cause under eye puffiness to become worse. Using a product that is less water loving is important. Volume in the cheek can also address under eye issues. We would use Juvederm Voluma in the cheek to smooth the under eye area. In some cases Vollure can be treaded into a tear trough area as well. 

All of the products we use are approved by the FDA and have a long safety history. We only employ experienced technicians to inject our patients. Side effects are rare but could include: slight pain, bruising, swelling, and/or redness. These should be temporary.

The most common age for people to start having facial fillers is 30 – 35 years old. Patients are looking to soften and reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles before they become too pronounced. Each individual is different and we work together with them to produce results that they are happy with and is achievable.

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Cosmetic Facial Fillers

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