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What is Wellness?

What it means to be masculine has evolved over time. It is not just about providing food and shelter for family aka cave man style. Wellness and masculinity involve taking care of your weight by taking control of your nutrition and fitness. It is about not accepting mood changes and high stress levels and being open about how you are feeling and accepting help on improving your mind. It is about taking care of your appearance and feeling good both inside and out.

MedHealth 360 wants to help you live a long and healthy life. MedHealth 360 takes a 360 degree approach to male wellness to address the concerns of men. Our approach includes ensuring proper diet and nutrition, checking and replacing low hormone levels, and increasing metabolic rate, in addition to providing tools to address some of the physical changes to the body including stress erectile dysfunction and decreased testosterone level.

We get into your space and ask you lots of questions, we do lab work to check on your hormone levels, your metabolic rate, your sugar level, and your electrolytes and we create an individualized program that will have you feeling stronger, fitter, and happier. We will hold you accountable, cheer you on and be with you every step of your journey.

Your Program could include: hormone therapy, weight loss, fitness, nutrition, vitamin supplements and cosmetic work.

Solutions for Your Wellness

Lose weight | Increase Energy | Mental Acuity
  • Nutritional and Metabolic Coaching
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
  • Vitamin Infusion Therapies
  • Cosmetic Anti-Aging Solutions
  • Ketamine Infusion Therapies for Depression
  • Fitness and Yoga training
  • Weight Loss Solutions

Treatments We Offer

These services treat and often cure prevailing health challenges - try for yourself!

Testosterone Replacement - Man smiling Loudoun VA

Hormone Replacement Therapies

  • Symptoms of Male Menopause
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Low Testosterone
  • Hair Loss
  • Irritability
  • Weight Gain – the beer belly in particular
Low Libido

Poor libido describes the loss of interest in sex. The potential causes are many, but a frequent cause is a decreasing level of testosterone that can occur in both men and women. Sometimes it can also be psychological. Bioidentical hormone replacement can help restore your sex drive.

Middle-aged man male menopause

Male menopause is largely due to a decreasing production and level of testosterone in men  Testosterone is the principle male sex hormone.  A decrease in testosterone can result in a myriad of symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, loss of sexual desire, weight gain, and more.  

Senior man in front of a grey wall

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, affects up to 40% of men by the age of 40 years old according to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study.  Some of the common causes for erectile dysfunction, or ED, in men include low testosterone levels, elevated estrogen levels, other medical problems, and some medications.  

Hangover Cure

Low energy can often be due to a decrease in hormone levels including Testosterone, Thyroid, DHEA, or Cortisol. Low hormone levels can result in a slowing of your metabolism and changes in mental stimulation. Bioidentical hormone replacement can help improve your energy levels.

Weight Loss for Men

Weight Loss and Nutrition

  • Nutrition Education and Support
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Hormone Replacement
  • Education on fasting for weight loss and health
Healing and Recovery

Understanding the food pyramid, nutritional information, and calorie counts on food labels is essential for weight loss and disease prevention. A poor diet in both quantity and quality is the main reason why most people gain weight. Our medically supervised program includes education on proper diet, reasonable calorie intake, intermittent fasting, and the influences of food and hormones on insulin resistance.  


There are a number of health benefits to fasting. While fasting your growth hormones increase, helping with fat loss and muscle gain. Your insulin levels drop which will help protect your body against Type 2 diabetes. Intermittent fasting is better for your heart, your brain, can help reduce inflammations which cause many chronic conditions and could also extend lifespan.

Here at MedHealth 360, we will work with you to help you find the right fasting schedule to fit your lifestyle. The intermittent fasting will be part of a healthy eating plan created for you.

Middle aged man male menopause

Insulin resistance is one of the most important problems when it comes to regulating weight.  Prolonged increases in glucose and insulin levels will eventually lead to insulin resistance and weight gain. An important method of how to break the cycle of insulin resistance is medically supervised intermittent fasting.  Our coaches will help you learn methods of intermittent fasting while supervising your labs and vitals.

Stretch your muscles before all exercises. Senior man at gym working exercise. Close up.

Hormones play a huge role in how your body regulates your weight. Most patients will lose the ability to properly regulate their estrogen, testosterone, insulin, cortisol, and thyroid levels as they age. Even young patients might struggle with how their bodies regulate their hormones. At MedHealth 360 we test your hormonal levels and use these results to help create your individualized program.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Anxiety and Depression

  • Relieving Low Mood
  • Ketamine Treatment for Depression
  • Improving Chronic Fatigue
  • Reducing Anxiety
Young man sitting looking upset

Chronic fatigue has many potential causes. Some of the causes include: a decreased level of Testosterone, Thyroid, DHEA, or Cortisol due to adrenal fatigue,  inadequate levels of essential vitamins and minerals, or a decreased metabolism due to low estrogen and testosterone levels.

Mood Changes

Depression and mood disorders are common in all ages. There are obviously many potential causes. One large group of causes center around the abnormal equilibrium of neurochemicals in the brain including dopamine, glutamate, norepinephrine and hormone changes. The treatment for depression and other mood disorders can include ensuring proper levels of vitamin precursors, exercise, and ketamine infusions to supplement talk therapy.

Anti-aging Infusion

Ketamine is a medication mainly used for starting and maintaining anesthesia. It induces a trance-like state while providing pain relief, sedation, and memory loss. Other uses include sedation in intensive care and treatment of pain and depression. We use it to help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD.

General Health and Wellness

  • Nutrition Education and Support
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Hormone Replacement
Romantic Couple In Love Taking Photos On Street. Beautiful Smiling Man And Woman Taking Photos Of Themselves Using Camera Outdoors. Relationships Concept. High Quality Image.

Hyperhydrosis, or unwanted and excessive underarm sweating, is a problem in both men and women.  It can lead to embarrassing sweat patches, and frequent clothing changes.  The Miradry System for the treatment of unwanted sweating is effective in eliminating the condition in 80% of patients after only a single treatment

Middle-aged man male menopause

Hair loss is a common complaint of men as they age. There are many causes: genetics, stress, low thyroid, high blood pressure, and hormonal imbalances are a few. We have a number of treatment options: hormone replacement therapy, hair transplantation, and PRP Plasma Rich Platelet procedures to help gain a fuller head of hair.

Anti-aging Infusion
Chronic pain is pain that lasts a long time. In medicine, the distinction between acute and chronic pain is sometimes determined by the amount of time since onset. Two commonly used markers are pain that continues at 3 months and 6 months since onset, but some theorists and researchers have placed the transition from acute to chronic pain at 12 months.
Middle aged man male menopause

MedHealth 360 Dermatology provides evaluation and treatment solutions for medical and cosmetic dermatology services including the evaluation of skin cancers, growths, acne, and rashes.

How The Program Works

These services treat and often cure prevailing health challenges - try for yourself!

Your Complimentary Consultation
Getting to know you

Getting to know you is important to us. Your experience will begin with your consultation.  We want to hear about your previous health experiences, your diet, nutrition, and exercise history as well as your thoughts on living a healthier and longer. Getting to know you is the most helpful way to create a treatment plan for you.

Lab Work + Review of Results
Know the problem to identify the solution

Your body will often lose its ability to adequately control normal biologic levels of hormones and electrolytes as we age. Lab work is needed to check for these vital biological components to help us understand how you are aging. Labs can often be performed from or near your home.

Visit with your MedHealth Doctor
MedHealth 360 expertise

Dr. Chang or one of the MedHealth 360 practitioners will sit down and explain your results.  We welcome your questions and input. Our patients who are fully engaged and understand the reasons behind their treatment program get the best results. We want to work WITH you to get those results!

Build Your MedHealth 360 Program Together
Nutritional Counseling | Individualized Fitness | Hormone Replacement

Integrative medicine involves coordinating health and nutrition, fitness, managing biological hormones and electrolytes and calming the soul. These are the elements that will be emphasized in the creation of your wellness prescription.

Weekly Support and Buddy System
No man or woman should be an island

Our counselors and staff will help you stay on course with weekly support sessions where you will get feedback on your weight, metabolic tests, and evaluations on how you are progressing in the programs.

You begin seeing results
Voila !

Our goals are simple.  If you succeed, then we succeed.  Our goal is for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is reproducible and easy.  We know that if the program is too complicated, you won’t stay on it.

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