Hormones That Affect Men

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Hormones in Men

What Hormones Can Affect Your Health?

Hormones are an integral component of your everyday life and well-being. They control everything from your mood, your weight, your energy level, as well as your sexuality. For the most part, men and women both share similar hormones. Their hormones, however, target different organs and receptors; and therefore function differently. For example, both men and women both have testosterone (the so-called male hormone) and estrogen (the so-called female hormone), yet intuitively, you know that  estrogen and testosterone will affect men and women differently.

Restore Proper Levels of Your Hormones

The Med-Health 360 Hormone replacement program for wellness and anti-aging can help restore balance to your physiology. Our program will first evaluate your levels of some key hormones including estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, and Cortisol. If your levels are too low or too high you risk both mental and physical imbalance and a reduced quality of life. At Med-Health 360, our prescription for health includes a thorough evaluation of your natural hormones and vitamin levels and metabolism. Combined with our fitness and nutritional programs, our aim is to improve your health, your fitness, your mental well-being and your life.

Hormones That Affect Men

Men also have their version of menopause. The condition can be referred to as male menopause, manopause, or Low-T. Those affected often complain of low energy, difficulty sleeping, weight gain, and more. Bioidentical hormone replacement can restore your sense of equilibrium.

Yes, men need estrogen too. It helps to balance the body. They need it for heart, bone and brain health. But too much estrogen can cause problems, leading to man boobs, difficulty getting and keeping an erection and loss of hair.

GH is responsible for cell growth and repair throughout the body. Every cell, organ, and system within your body is impacted by this important hormone. This hormone is particularly important to children and teens and levels can drop over 70 percent as a man enters adulthood. But your body still needs it.

Cortisol is the hormone responsible for releasing adrenalin when you are under stress. It creates the fight or flight mode. In small doses this is fine but too much is toxic and takes a heavy toll on your body.

The thyroid gland and its many associated hormones regulates metabolism, and can be thought of as the “traffic center” for your endocrine system.

Healthy levels of DHEA are a “strong predictor” for longevity and a lower incidence of disease. It’s also the most plentiful sex hormone in the body.

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The Med-Health 360 Prescription

At Med-Health 360, we recognize that your body and your health is complex.   Imagine it as a luxury car that requires regular maintenance and polishing to maintain its quality and value way into the future.  In kind, our prescription for health and wellness requires emphasis on hormonal harmony, optimization of nutritional building blocks, while exercising your mind and body.  

Our clients like to share with us their stories of renewed vitality every day. They tell us that it’s because we’re there for them when they need us; because we listen, we learn, and we truly get to know who they are as people. And knowing our clients means we know how to treat their unique symptoms in the manner that works best for them.


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