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The Importance of Healthspan​

A significant difference between the notion of lifespan vs that of healthspan is choosing to stay well and healthy for as long as you possibly can, rather than staying alive for as long as you can. The lifespan of humans is increasing dramatically. Two hundred years ago most people didn’t live beyond 30 years old but now the average age is just under 80. Our lifespans are expanding but our healthspan is struggling to keep up.  While we continue to live longer, our cells continue to age, our genes show increase transcriptional mutations, and our body physiology and mechanics begin to wear out. The common symptoms we experience as we age wouldn’t have been an issue to someone who died by 30. In the 1800s, most people didn’t live long enough to develop degenerative arthritis, joint pain, and loss of associated mobility or have to struggle with menopause and sexual dysfunctions.

The MedHealth 360 Wellness and Anti-Aging programs do not concentrate on increasing lifespan, but rather we concentrate on healthspan.  We believe in increasing your quality of life while you are around to enjoy it. How we do that is by concentrating on the following:

  • replacing hormonal levels that otherwise lead to male and female menopausal signs and symptoms.
  • maintaining a health weight that otherwise leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, joint strain, and loss of mobility
  • replacing vitamins and minerals that are required for efficient cell function and reproduction
  • maintaining mobility through myofascial massage, fitness classes, and yoga.

MedHealth 360 prescription provides you with the hope of living a long AND healthy life.

Factors That Can Reduce Your Wellness

  • Reduced production of normal hormones including estrogen, testosterone, dhea cortisol, and oxytocin, 
  • Reduced production and homeostasis of vitamins and minerals
  • Reduced metabolism
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of mobility
  • Loss of muscle
  • Slowing of mental acuity
  • Deteriorating appearance of youth

Treatments Individualized To Your Needs

Considering the whole body is crucial to improving a person’s health and vitality. Here at MedHealth 360 we don’t just treat one symptom or help you improve one aspect of your life. Many of the symptoms we see are a combination of diet, lack of exercise, low self-esteem, hormonal imbalance, and metabolic changes. Simply eating less to lose the weight won’t help you  keep the weight off if you have a hormonal imbalance. Working out may not build muscle if you are low on testosterone. If you are binge eating due to low mood, a weight loss program won’t help you think differently. Treating the whole body with our MedHealth 360 programs individually designed with you in mind is how we can help you combat your symptoms and get you feeling better about yourself again.

We have a number of programs and procedures that can help you regain your wellness both mentally and physically. Out anti-aging treatments can boost your self-esteem and help you reclaim your confidence.

How Does The Program Work?

Complimentary Consultation

Learn more about the importance of integrating diet, nutrition, bio-identical hormones, and fitness metabolism and how they can help you

Personalized Programs

A personalized program is created for you based on your labs and medical history

Coordination and Support

You are assigned a coordinator who will help support all of your weight loss efforts

Continuing Care and
Our Guarantee

We are confident in our system.  and guarantee that if you follow our program, you will feel healthier

Key Components To Our Plan

These services treat and often cure prevailing health challenges - try for yourself!

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Estrogen | Testosterone

Men and women both have both estrogen and testosterone.  Their levels of both estrogen and testosterone decrease with age beginning in the mid-thirties.  

Decreasing levels of estrogen AND testosterone are one of the main reasons why women have a harder and harder time maintaining or losing weight as they approach menopause

Testosterone normally assists in the regulation of blood circulation, glucose modulation, energy, and moods. 

Estrogen and Testosterone replacement using bioidentical hormones is therefore an essential component of healthy weight maintenance

Cosmetic Surgery Northern Virginia Loudoun

Female Wellness

Designed to address female health conditions

Female wellness is obviously a huge topic and affects a wide range of female physiology ranging from female menopause, a decrease in sexual desire and mental acuity, to weight gain and chronic fatigue. MedHealth 360 takes a 360 degree approach to female wellness to address some of these conditions.

Athletic Recovery Infusion

Fitness and Weight Loss

Fitness and Weight Loss Programs coordinated for you

Your metabolic set-point determines how efficiently your body burns energy when you are active as well as when you are not.  Dieting is useless unless you efficiently burn calories.  Our fitness program is therefore an essential component of healthy weight maintenance.

Vitamin Infusions

Help replenish nutrient deficiencies for optimal health

IV Vitamin Therapy is the fastest way to deliver electrolytes, and vitamins to the body, to restore optimum hydration and support the immune system.

Vitamins & Supplements

Help boost immune system and oveall health

Get vitamins and supplements for your health goals and diet, made from the best ingredients. Taking vitamins and supplements can be a great way to correct nutrient deficiencies and give your health an extra boost. Ads

Cosmetic Anti-aging

Reverse the signs of skin aging

Prevent fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, dark spots, and other visible signs of aging with proven anti-aging strategies and treatments recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Wellness Requires a 360 Degree Approach

Diet  |  Nutrition |  Hormones |  Lifestyle  |  Fitness  | Flexibility

Programs Individualized To Your Needs

MedHealth 360 recognizes that wellness requires the coordination of proper nutrition, hormone replacement, exercise and mobility. When it comes to your health, you cannot address one area without addressing the others. They are all interconnected. This is why many patients fail simple diet and nutrition programs for example. If their hormone levels are low, or they don’t exercise, or muscle pain and stiffness prevent them from moving properly, they will ultimately gain weight and the diet won’t work. At MedHealth 360, we specialize in coordinated programs to integrate nutrition, hormone health, exercise, and joint mobility. We work with you to create a program that can achieve healthy results. And we are there with you every step of the way.

Your Complimentary Consultation
Getting to know you

Getting to know you is important to us. Your experience will begin with your consultation.  We want to hear about your previous health experiences, your diet, nutrition, and exercise history as well as your thoughts on living a healthier and longer. Getting to know you is the most helpful way to create a treatment plan for you.

Lab Work + Review of Results
Know the problem to identify the solution

Your body will often lose its ability to adequately control normal biologic levels of hormones and electrolytes as we age. Lab work is needed to check for these vital biological components to help us understand how you are aging. Labs can often be performed from or near your home.

Visit with your MedHealth Doctor
MedHealth 360 expertise

Dr. Chang or one of the MedHealth 360 practitioners will sit down and explain your results.  We welcome your questions and input. Our patients who are fully engaged and understand the reasons behind their treatment program get the best results. We want to work WITH you to get those results!

Build Your Med-Health 360 Program Together
Nutritional Counseling | Individualized Fitness | Hormone Replacement

Integrative medicine involves coordinating health and nutrition, fitness, managing biological hormones and electrolytes and calming the soul. These are the elements that will be emphasized in the creation of your wellness prescription

Weekly Support and Buddy System
No man or woman should be an island

Our counselors and staff will help you stay on course with weekly support sessions where you will get feedback on your weight, metabolic tests, and evaluations on how you are progressing in the programs. 

Maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t come naturally to most patients. Healthy living is a combination of many lifestyle habits that many people never learned. Weekly check-ins are an integral part of establishing accountability and obtaining feedback for your new lifestyle habits.

You begin seeing results
Voila !

Our goals are simple.  If you succeed, then we succeed.  Our goal is for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is reproducible and easy.  We know that if the program is too complicated, you won’t stay on it.

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Nutritional Education

In our experience, most patients are simply confused about what exactly is a good and or healthy diet to achieve a healthy weight and a long life. There is so much misinformation out there that it becomes hard to educate yourself about what entails a healthy diet. It wasn’t too long ago that the government endorsed a high carbohydrate diet. More recently, meat-based diets such as the Atkins diet was popular; this was followed shortly by the the South Beach Diet and the Mediterranean Diets. There are plenty of diets out there that will offer big results but may not be the healthiest options for your body in the long run.

Reducing Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is one of the most important problems when it comes to regulating weight.  Prolonged increases in glucose and insulin levels will eventually lead to insulin resistance and weight gain.  An important method of how to break the cycle of insulin resistance is medically supervised intermittent fasting.  Our coaches will help you learn methods of intermittent fasting while supervising your labs and vitals.

Intermittent Fasting

There are a number of health benefits to fasting. While fasting your growth hormones increase, helping with fat loss and muscle gain. Your insulin levels drop which will help protect your body against Type 2 diabetes. Intermittent fasting is better for your heart, your brain, can help reduce inflammations which cause many chronic conditions and could also extend lifespan.

Here at MedHealth 360, we will work with you to help you find the right fasting schedule to fit your lifestyle. The intermittent fasting will be part of a healthy eating plan created for you.

Hormones and Weight

Hormones play a huge role in how your body regulates your weight.  Most patient will lose the ability to properly regulate their estrogen, testosterone, insulin, cortisol, and thyroid levels as they age. Even young patients might struggle with how their bodies regulate their hormones.  At MedHealth 360 we test your hormonal levels and use these results to help create your individualized program.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Estrogen is the principle female sex hormone, and is responsible for many of the systems essential to female health and wellness. These include breast development, sexual arousal and desire, vaginal lubrication and tissue health, cognitive memory and vocalization. Low estrogen levels can lead to menopausal symptoms.

Testosterone is the principle male sex hormone, but is still an important hormone for women. It can help maintain muscle mass, sexual arousal and desire,  bone health, and cognitive memory and vocalization.

Oxytocin plays a crucial role in childbirth and breastfeeding. It can also control sexual arousal, trust, and anxiety behaviors. It is sometimes referred to as the cuddle hormone.

DHEA along with cortisol are principle mediators of sustained energy levels and alertness. Low levels of DHEA can increase fatigue, decrease sexual desire and the immune system, and lead to a decrease in exercise tolerance and muscle mass.

Female Wellness

Stress urinary incontinence is finally treatable. 70% of women are affected by stress urinary incontinence after having vaginal deliveries. 80-90% of women can be cured of the condition after only 1-2 treatments with the Sciton’s Diva Laser System.  

Most women are bothered by a decrease in vaginal lubrication as they approach menopause. The decrease is a principle cause of painful vaginal intercourse and resulting problems with sexual satisfaction. 80-90% of women are cured of the condition after only 1-2 treatments with Sciton’s Diva Laser System.

Many women are bothered by an increase in their vaginal laxity with aging, particularly after vaginal deliveries. The increased laxity can result in a decrease in sexual satisfaction for themselves as well as their partners.  80-90% of women described an increase in their sexual satisfaction after only 1-2 treatments with Sciton’s Diva Laser System.

Unwanted and excessive underarm sweating, is a common problem for women. It can lead to embarrassing sweat patches, and frequent clothing changes. The MiraDry System for the treatment of unwanted sweating is effective in eliminating the condition in 80% of patients after only a single treatment.

Vitamins Infusions

Are you looking for an immediate solution to your hangover? Are you looking to even pre-empt the hangover you know that you will be having? Our hangover cure IV infusion bag includes immediate and direct hydration, pain killers, vitamins and electrolytes, as well as anti-nausea medications to get you back to the land of the living as fast as possible.

Are you looking to increase your immunity because the rest of your family is sick, you are beginning to get sick, or you are pre-empting a sickness because you are preparing for a big meeting or trip? Our immunity booster IV infusion bag includes immediate and direct hydration and immunity boosting vitamins including Vitamin C, B, D, and antioxidants.

Are you looking to boost your energy or recover energy after a tough race or sporting event?  Are you bothered by chronic fatigue?  Our energy booster IV infusion bag includes immediate and direct hydration.

Are you looking to feel good on the inside and outside? Improve skin, nail, hair, joint, and heart health with our inner beauty booster IV infusion bag. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and folic acid to enhance your vitality both internally and externally.

Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that functions more like a hormone than a vitamin.  Every cell in the body contains receptors for Vitamin D.  It is essential for many body functions and systems including calcium regulation and bone health, immune system health, metabolic rate maintenance, wound healing, and mental health.

Tyros- means cheese in Greek.  It is an amino acid that can be found in many foods including cheese.  Tyrosine is an important substrate for the production of dopamine which is an important mediator of reward and pleasure as well as the production of memory and motor skills, adrenaline which is important in the fight or flight response, thyroid hormone which is an important regulator of metabolism, and melanin which protects our skin from UV exposure.

Magnesium is a co-factor important in almost every cell and function of the body.  Studies have found that low levels in almost every patient over 40.  It is important in converting food to energy, cellular DNA and RNA repair, muscle contraction, and the regulation of neurotransmitters in the brain.  Low levels can contribute to low energy and fatigue, depression, and insulin resistance

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential dietary fats that cannot be made by the body.  They are a crucial part of human cell membranes and are important in many body functions including increasing HDL cholesterol ( the good kind ), reduce the symptoms of depression, and bipolar disorder, maintain normal weight, prevent dementia, promote bone health, and fight dementia.

Zinc is not naturally produced in the body and must be taken in trough your diet.  It is the most abundant trace mineral in your body after iron and is present in every cell.   Zinc stimulates immune cells and reduces oxidative stress,  Zinc stimulates wound healing and reduces inflammation.   Zinc has ben shown to treat acne, treat chronic inflammatory conditions, stimulate wound healing, and slow mental decline.

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an essential vitamin that your body needs but cannot produce. It helps produce red blood cells and is needed for the nervous system to function productively. Low levels can lead to anemia and nervous system issues such as numbness and weakness.

Vitamin A is the generic term for a group of fat soluble vitamins highly integral to proper health.  Vitamin A is essential to vision; it is needed to convert light that hits your eye into the electrical signal to the brain, beta-carotene ( a pro-form of vitamin A ) has been shown to decrease the risk of certain cancers.  It is also essential to the immune system by lining mucous membranes which trap bacteria and stimulating the formation of white blood cells.  It is commonly used in the treatment of acne.  Finally, it along with calcium and vitamin D are essential to bone health.

Iodine is essential in the production of thyroid hormone as well as in neural and brain development in pregnancy and infancy.  Low iodine levels have been shown to decrease thyroid hormone production and cause a decrease in metabolism.  Low levels during pregnancy and infancy have been associated with low IQ.

Cosmetic Anti-Aging

Coolsculpting is the revolutionary nonsurgical alternative to liposuction for the removal of unwanted fat.  Popular treatment areas include the abdomen, saddlebags, chin and neck, and arms.  There is no downtime and negligible discomfort.

Botox allows you to immediately look younger by reducing wrinkles of the forehead, crows feet, and glabella.  The treatment can be performed during your lunch break with no downtime and negligible discomfort.  

Facial fillers include popular products like juvederm, sculptra, radiesse, and restylane.  Some areas of the face begin to lose volume as early as 30 years old including the lower eyelid cheek junction, the temples, and around the lips and mouth.  Facial fillers are injection products that work immediately to make you look younger with no downtime and negligible discomfort. They plump and restore fullness and smooth out fine lines.

Skin care lasers including Sciton’s profractionated laser,  micropeel, and broad band light photofacial have the ability to reverse aging of your skin.  Normal aging,  UV exposure and other environmental toxins cause the breakdown of collagen and cellular DNA, resulting in textural changes, skin cancers, fine lines, and pigmentation changes.

Fitness and Weight Loss

Fitness is an integral part of wellness and anti-aging.  Our programs emphasis circuit training with the ability to increase metabolism, increase muscle and bone density, and improve mood.  We have set up instructors and programs to augment our programs for weight loss and wellness that are designed to be non-threatening, motivating, and effective.  

Yoga is an integral part of wellness and anti-aging.  Our programs emphasize stretching, joint mobility, and meditation.  Our programs have been shown to decrease back, neck, and shoulder pain and high blood pressure, while providing mental tranquility

Our Med-Health 360 weight loss programs include a comprehensive body composition analysis and metabolic test, a nutritional coach and cheerleader to help you through the program, education to help you understand how to eat well, and help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As part of our weight loss program we like to encourage intermittent fasting. Health benefits include: helping with weight loss, reducing your insulin levels, help with some chronic conditions, and helps with muscle gain. There are a number of different fasting programs and we will help you decide on the one that suits your lifestyle.

Labs and Tests

Blood tests as well as metabolic testing provide comparative baseline markers for your progress in the program.  Core blood studies include hemoglobin levels, and liver and inflammation markers.

Metabolic testing will help determine what your resting metabolic rate is and also look at your bodies ability to consume oxygen levels. These results will help us create an individualized weight loss and fitness program for you.

Body fat testing helps determine what levels of body fat you have and whether you have a healthy amount. It can be a good starting point to help determine fitness and weight goals.

Your body uses hormones as signal modulators that tell your organs to behave in certain ways.  For example, estrogen is the principle female sex organ that modulates the function of breast, ovarian, brain, vaginal lucrication cells and sexuality; 

Wellness and Anti-Aging

Lose weight | Increase Energy | Mental Acuity

Living a long life is not enough. We want you to live a healthy and long life.  Traditional medicine fails you because it concentrates on treating problems rather than educating and helping you prevent problems in the first place. Our prescription for your health includes your nutritional health, physical fitness, hormonal balance, and mental tranquility.

Our Med-Health 360 programs will be individualized for you beginning with your initial consultation which will include nutritional and hormone labs and metabolic testing, and a comprehensive consultation to get to know who you are. We want to create a program that fits your lifestyle and increases your vitality and health.

Your body uses hormones as signal modulators that tell your organs to behave in certain ways. For example, estrogen is the principle female sex organ that modulates the function of breast, ovarian, brain, vaginal lubrication cells and sexuality; testosterone is the principle male sex hormone that modulates the development of muscles, brain, and sexuality; DHEA and cortisol module alertness, food metabolism, and energy level among other things.  

These hormones all decrease with increasing age. The decrease in estrogen leads to female menopause. The decease in testosterone leads to male menopause. While the decrease in DHEA can lead to chronic fatigue.  

Hormone replacement therapy can be significantly helpful in the treatment of these conditions.

Vitamin and mineral levels appear to decline with age.  This can be a result of poor diet or increasingly inefficient body systems that process vitamins and minerals that you take in.  Vitamins and minerals serve as important co-factors in proper cellular function. Huge percentages of the population lack proper vitamin and mineral levels like magnesium, vitamin A and D, and folate. Lack of proper vitamins and minerals results in multi-organ dysfunction including cells of your immune system, musculoskeletal, and nervous system.

Med-Health 360 can help you maintain proper levels of required vitamins and minerals for more efficient cellular function through our supplements and IV infusions.

Metabolism describes how efficiently your body burns energy. Your brain has a normal metabolic set-point. This is why many people, especially young people, can maintain their weight within a few points without even thinking about diet and exercise.  This metabolic set-point is located in your brain and can be manipulated depending on weight changes and activity levels.  Calorie restrictive diets for example may initially lead to weight loss but will also cause a decrease in the metabolic set point; a decrease in calories tells the metabolic thermometer that it needs to lower its set point in order to preserve energy. Circuit fitness training, in contrast, has the ability to increase your metabolic set-point.  

Med-Health 360 can help you increase your metabolic set-point for better health, better weight control, and a healthier feeling with more energy.

Maintaining a healthy body weight can be difficult, especially if you don’t take the multiple contributing factors into account. These include the psychological addiction to sugars, loss of hormonal controls, decreasing metabolism, and decreased mobility.  

The Med-Health 360 weight loss program is directed at diagnosing and targeting each of these potential problems. The program includes education, feedback, and accountability to decrease your addiction to sugars, hormonal replacement therapy if necessary, vitamin B and other vitamin replacement if necessary, increasing your metabolism through circuit training and increased activity, and increased joint mobility through yoga.

Loss of strength and mobility can severely debilitate your quality of health. All things being equal, your muscle mass will decrease with age simply because of the decrease in circulating testosterone. Mobility is impacted from the wear and tear, scarring, and fibrosis around the joints with time and traumatic incidents. Nothing will age you faster than the inability to move.  

The Med-Health 360 prescription is to increase strength and mobility through circuit training and yoga.  

Low hormone levels and lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to changes in mood and mind. Leading a sluggish lifestyle can also effect how mood.

Exercise can help reduce tension, anxiety and stress and releases endorphins which boost mood. Hormonal replacement therapies can beat mental fog and memory issues. Vitamin IV infusions can boost your mood and improve clarity.

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Plasma rich Protein (PRP) uses the patients own blood to help cell growth and healing. PRP is a substance within human blood which contains proteins that can help blood clot and support cell growth. It has been used to help treat tendon injuries such as tennis elbow and Achilles heel. Injected into the scalp it can encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Aging is a natural part of life. The good news is that now with advances in skincare treatments and wellness programs we don’t have to accept the results anymore.

Our procedures include both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Injectables can improve fine lines, wrinkles, increase plumpness and give a youthful glow. Laser treatments can improve skin tone and help with skin conditions such as acne and hyperpigmentation. We have procedures that can reduce fat, eliminate sweating and remove unwanted hair.

Med-Health 360 has experienced cosmetic practitioners, dermatologists and plastic surgeons available to consult with you.


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