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Understanding Health and Wellness

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Aging is a complex process.  And you are a complex person.  That is why tradition medicine fails most patients when it comes to helping you live a healthier and fruitful life.  MedHealth 360 integrates nutritional counseling, physical fitness, and hormone replacement under direct supervision.  This is your prescription for success.   

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Female Wellness

Stress Urinary Incontinence
Vaginal Dryness
Female Menopause
Vaginal Tightening

Medical Weight Loss

Metabolic Testing
Nutritional Counseling and Support
Supplements and Injections
Prescription Medications
Fitness Training

Hormone Replacement

Female Menopause
Male Menopause
Chronic Fatigue
Sexual Energy

Vitamin Infusions

Ketamine Infusions for Depression
Energy Booster
Immunity Booster
Weight Loss and Metabolic Boosters
The Hangover Cure

Chronic Pain Relief

Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Injections
Joint Injections
Shock Wave Massage
Electrical Stimulation Massage

Cosmetic Anti-Aging

Facial Fillers
Skin Anti-Aging Lasers

Health and Wellness Requires a 360 Degree Approach

Diet  |  Nutrition |  Hormones |  Lifestyle  |  Fitness  | Flexibility

Popular Treatable Conditions

Immunity Boost

Our basic plan includes everything you need to get started. This includes your laboratory studies, consultation, and weekly check-ins. The plan will vary depending on your needs.  

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This medically supervised program was created to be easy and comprehensive. The program includes your consultation, labs, nutrition program, and support team. It is adaptable to include your supplements, hormone replacement if needed, and fitness training such as yoga and circuit training.

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Our program that addresses female menopause includes a comprehensive evaluation to determine your needs, as well as lab work and bio-identical pellet insertion for a year.  

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Our program to address male menopause (aka Low T) includes a comprehensive evaluation to determine your needs, as well as lab work and bio-identical pellet insertion for a year. This program can be connected with other programs such as Low Libido, Low Energy, and Weight and Fitness.

Low Libido

Our program to address low libido  (aka low sex drive) includes a comprehensive evaluation to determine your needs as well as labs. Patients who suffer from low testosterone or other hormone may benefit from bio-identical testosterone pellets. Our cosmetic surgery options can also help women who suffer from Low Libido due to physical discomfort.

Chronic Fatigue

Our program to address low energy begins with a comprehensive evaluation and lab studies to determine your needs. Depending on your needs, many patients benefit from hormonal replacement, vitamin infusions, or our fitness metabolism program. If Low Energy is due to mental health issues we have ketamine infusion therapy.

How Does It Work?

What Our System Looks Like In a Few Simple Steps

Step 1

Your Consultation

Meet with one of our providers so they can learn more about your life and medical history. Your consultation can be in person or by teleconference. 

step 2

Labs and Tests

Labs and metabolic testing along with your history will help us create a wellness plan that may include nutritional education, vitamin and supplement recommendations, and hormone replacement if needed.

step 3

Create a personalized Program

You will be assigned a wellness coach who will help you coordinate your appointments, provide feedback, and support.  Programs include weight loss, general wellness, and treatments for menopause, low testosterone, and chronic fatigue.  Refer to the menu for even more services

Join the healthy revolution today.

Begin your 360 degree wellness journey with a free consultation.  Our wellness physicians and providers will work to keep you and your whole family healthy and strong each and every day.

You Have Our Guarantee

Respected Doctors

Professional and highly respected doctors and physician assistants

Personalized Plans

Personalized plans are created after hearing your medical complaints and reviewing your labs

Easy Checkups

Personalized service means being available to help you navigate through your wellness journey

Our Guarantee

We are confident in our system.  and guarantee that if you follow our program, you will look and feel healthier

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What Does Wellness Mean To You?

  • Sexual Drive and Performance
  • Weight gain / Loss
  • Energy Levels
  • Metabolism
  •  Insulin
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Hair Loss
  • Sleep Cycles
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Prostate Conditions
  • Pain

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